It's a New Year! We're motivated. And we're looking forward to our best year yet!

REPAIR. REBUILD. REJUVENATE. Hello 2019! Forget the regrets, do away with anxiety – and take a fresh step forward into all you can be. Start simply. Breathe deeply. Move purposefully. Eat thoughtfully. 

We’ll take the positives forward and build on our successes. We’ll leave behind anything that doesn’t serve us well. We’ll refocus our energy on making a positive shift on the journey toward our best self. We’ll take the time now to create a conscious game plan for forward motion with a renewed sense of determination – a commitment to embrace the elements that support us well along the path.

It’s a perfect time of year to rest, reflect, enjoy stillness, vision, hibernate, and withdraw some of our outwardly-focused energy to redirect it inward. And as the weather changes, so does our digestion and the need for nutrients: In the colder months of winter, we shift more toward foods that fuel our inner fire: nuts, seeds, grains, and warming soups and stews. We pay more attention to higher protein choices - the building blocks for the body - and higher fat foods that are more nutrient-dense and insulating for the body. We make good use of our nutrient-filled “underground” veggies, the migrating cold-water fish from Alaska and good fats. We incorporate fermented foods, as probiotics, to help fortify our gut health which is so crucial in boosting our immunity this time of year. And we strive to incorporate more fiber-rich foods, as pre-biotics, to support the good bacteria we’re establishing in our gut.

Let’s harness our newfound energy and enthusiasm with a routine, nourishment and otherwise, that ensures we’re on the way to our happiest, healthiest year yet!

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