It's Spring!  Brighter mornings and warmer days. We're ready for a fresh clean start!

RENEW. RESET. RECONNECT. Spring is here! As the earth transforms from winter to spring, we sense a natural opportunity for a fresh, clean start.  We are primed to lighten things up, cleanse what no longer serve us and rebalance obligations. There’s a renewed sense of joy and inspiration!

We like to think of spring as New Year’s 2.0: It’s a second chance to reflect, reset, refocus on our goals — and start fresh. We're ready to revisit intentions, spark initiatives and leap into action mode. We banish the winter blues with some seasonal greening! With brighter mornings and longer days, it’s an opportunity to retune after the heaviness of winter and prepare the body for this light, vibrant and energetic season!

The mornings are brighter, days longer, and although there’s still a chill in the air, the energy of spring is clearly evident.  Trees and plants begin new cycles of growth. Butterflies emerge. Birds remember their songs.  Seedlings begin to push through the warm earth and blossoms appear on the fruit trees signaling the renewal and rebirth has begun.

This sense of renewed energy surrounds us and we're craving that same sense of renewal. Winter is a time for our bodies to slow down and conserve energy. Spring, on the other hand, is a time for rejuvenation, energy, a renewed spirit and new beginnings. We lighten up. We enter spring with the energy & excitement it deserves and, at the same time, take a moment to check in to realign with our goals and focus on how we want to feel.

Let’s embrace the season as we create routines that honor what we need most and lighten up our nourishment with delicious tender greens as we continue on the path to our happiest, healthiest year yet!


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