It's SUMMER! Bright mornings and warmer days. Vibrant Colors and Flavors at Their Best!

LIGHT. FIRE. INTENSITY. HEAT. Summer is here! The days are long and the sunlight a bit brighter. The garden is bursting with fresh produce and so many amazing flavors to savor! We're outside. We're active. We're gathering with family and friends. We're traveling. As our habits, routines and nourishment ebbs and flows with the seasons, we'll have abundant energy and an equally abundant sense of calm. We'll continue to flourish this summer season as we stay hydrated and cool, mellow intensity with relaxation, and ground our energy.

The Summer Solstice is ever inspiring and nourishing! We see our longest day of the year and now the days slowly start to wane. Let's keep our intensions strong and our nourishment seasonal and delicious. At Crisp Kitchen & Juice, we're active on instagram and around the community hoping to continue to inspire thoughts about positive change, optimizing nutrition, the passions that drive us, capitalizing on seasonal flavors with dynamic recipes and much, much more! Drop us a line and let us know what you've been up to!  And if you have an event or seasonal programming that can use a little Crisp support in the way of nourishment, we're all ears! 

Meanwhile, enjoy the renewed sense of energy and motivation that Summer brings!

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