It's AUTUMN! So Many Flavors to Savor Deliciously!

KINDNESS. CONNECTION. PURPOSE.   The seasons have once again shifted as we move swiftly into Autumn. And for many of us, it’s a time marked by a brilliant display across the landscape as the leaves take on their fall hues. Cool morning breezes coax cozy sweaters off the shelf, and pumpkin spice lattés abound in all shapes and forms.

Autumn is a season of transition, a time for winding down and looking inward for self-reflection as we prepare for the months to come. It’s the perfect time to reset so that we are ready for the months ahead as we move away from the external, expansive nature of summer to a more introspective and calming season. It’s a time to strengthen our bodies in preparation for winter as we slow down, re-focus and become more rooted in who we are; we revisit our purpose and intentions. With a refocusing of energy, autumn often brings a welcoming clarity and a new sense of motivation. We’ll take some time to remove the clutter in our lives so that we can devote our energy and focus to fewer, more impactful things.

As the weather changes, so does our digestion, and we start to shift our focus toward heartier salads, steamed and roasted vegetables, and soups with warming spices. The idea, ultimately, is to provide our bodies with a balance between the cooling yin and warming yang in order to boost our immunity this time of year which also helps to keep us feeling our most energetic.

A delicious, beautiful, reflective and compassionate season is upon us!


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