Our Mission


And flavor should never be a compromise!  Inspired by the fields and farms that surround us, and the community that supports us, we bring you delicious and nutritious fare that makes living well so easy. We believe that flavor, quality and health go hand-in-hand.  We can ever only be fully nourished when we are also enjoying what is before us and hopefully in the company of family and good friends!  Nurturing your body should never feel like a compromise.  Crisp Kitchen + Juice offers the delicious remedy to support a busy lifestyle which otherwise so often forces us to compromise our health.

The beauty and flavor of each of our dishes, our juices and our drinks, is in the diversity and quality of our ingredients. Hand crafted in small batches, we ensure optimal flavor and quality.  And our culinary art is happily dictated by our local farmers, producers and the seasons.  As a result, flavors will vary and colors will change which we see as something clearly to celebrate!  At times some items may have limited availability.  Please bear with us and understand that this too results from our desire to source locally and provide the very best. Our land proteins are hormone-free, antibiotic-free and all-natural and our produce is sustainably farmed and GMO-free.

We are a full-circle environment. We are committed to striving for zero-waste in our kitchen by utilizing as much of each product as we can.  You will notice what's not in the salad today likely made it into a ferment or a stock. And that which didn't, will make it back to the farm to nourish the soil or feed the livestock! We also pay close attention to our packaging and have thoughtfully selected material that is either fully recyclable, environmentally friendly, or is fully compostable. And our non-paper bags are made from recycled PET. Please do your part in continuing the flow- reduce, reuse, and recycle!



Crisp Kitchen + Juice is a a charitable community member. We are proud to partner with like-minded organizations that work to educate children and adults alike about the importance of our connection to the land, bettering our environment, and nourishing our bodies.