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Annette Shafer

Annette Shafer, Founder

For those who don’t know me well, I have to admit that I err on the side of healthy.  Although never a huge Twinkie fan, my preferences have truly evolved over time. Friends and clients have often asked me if I always eat as healthily as it appears. The answer is no, well mostly yes, but like I said, it’s been an evolution. 

Important to note, I believe there is always room for a bit of indulgence and, by the same token, absolutely no room for guilt! While I make it a point not to evangelize healthy eating, I do make an effort to ‘walk the talk.’  But, that being said, OK, here is the reality:  We all do our best and what is life without a bit of indulgence?!  The 80:20 rule applies.  I’ll gladly take my 20 in ice cream and Mark Furstenberg’swarm chocolate brioche!

With this superfood and that superfood being touted at different times in the press, it’s not easy to navigate the world of healthy choices.   Rest assured that if butter is bad today, it will be good tomorrow.  So what is the average consumer to do?  A moderate view and a healthy outlook will get you far!

For me, first and foremost, food should be delicious … and also inspiring. Eating shouldn’t be about restrictions. That stuff just makes us anxious and feel guilty every time we eat something that is not on the ‘healthy foods’ list.  So no more hiding the basket of warm tortilla chips when I walk by, ok?! 

As my eating has evolved over the years – and all of our eating habits and preferences have evolved over our lifetimes - I’ve tried an array of ‘healthy’ flours, ‘good’ fats, natural sweeteners and ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ vegetables. Overall my diet is a healthy one with almost entirely organic whole foods, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fish & seafood and lots of vegetables. I’m not overly strict or neurotic about the food I cook and eat though, but make an effort to know sources, and pay close attention to seasonality as well that it was grown (or raised) with love and care.  Over time I’ve made conscious decisions to shift my everyday habits.  Shifting to habits that work for me. 

And healthy eating to me doesn’t mean every meal during a day has to be super healthy. That I cannot let myself have an occasional éclair if the mood strikes me would be a tragedy! Or that we can’t, between all of us in the family, attack a batch of freshly made chocolate chip cookies on a Friday night.

To me a healthy lifestyle is to aim for a balance overall and to eat mindfully with moderation most often.  It’s to be aware of the known menaces (often stuff like white flour, refined sugar and processed foods) and to find a way of healthy eating that suits the life each of us individually live.

I encourage you to take a moment to think about what healthy eating means to you.  If you aren’t inspired with what comes to mind, it’s time to explore!  I welcome you to Crisp Kitchen & Juice!  Let’s have some fun!