3-Day New Year's Mini-Soup 'Cleanse'

Let's put the usual resolutions aside and do things a little differently this year! We'll renew and refresh in a way that assures success! Our 3-day Mini-Soup 'Cleanse' is a designed to help you create an almost effortless bridge to better health as we dive into the year ahead. Ease into the year, and good habits, with renewed energy and enthusiasm, as you join us for a delicious 3-day mini-reboot. We give you all you need to refresh and renew with dinner as your choice this winter season as a 3-day jumpstart to a healthy, energized you!

A 3-Day Mini-Soup 'Cleanse' includes:

3 Green Juices to reset, revitalize, and alkalize
3 Breakfast items to rev your metabolism

3 Soups to ground and soothe
Freshly picked winter greens to invigorate

3 Tumeric Lattés to relax and restore

Snacks to allay cravings:
+ a small loaf of sprouted, seeded Crisp bread
+ roasted beet hummus
+ Nut & Fruit energy bars-- because you can't stay Crisp without a little crunch! :-)

(local St. Helena pick up only available at this time)


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