It's Summer

Light. Fire. Intensity. Heat. Summer is here! The days are longer and the sunlight a bit brighter. The garden is bursting with fresh produce and so many amazing flavors to savor! We're outside. We're active. We're gathering with family and friends. We're traveling. As our habits, routines, and nourishment ebbs and flows with the seasons, we'll have abundant energy and an equally abundant sense of calm. We'll continue to flourish this summer season as we stay hydrated and cool, mellow intensity with relaxation, and ground our energy.

The Summer Solstice was ever inspiring and nourishing! Let's keep those intensions strong and our nourishment seasonal and delicious. We're active around town with pop-up's - look for us! And we're blogging about change, willpower, optimizing nutrition, capitalizing on seasonal flavors with recipes and much, much more! We're traveling a bit too - see where we've been. Drop us a line! And come see us at the Farmer's Market in July!  Five Fridays of green goodness with salads, protein bowls and fresh-pressed juice! 

Let's jump into the season with both feet! Enjoy the renewed sense of energy and motivation Summer brings!  

Annette Shafer
Annette Shafer