Announcing Plant Forward Pop Ups In September by Annette & Ann!


THE PREMISE: Feeling great, staying healthy and having the energy we need through the day starts with what we eat and spreads to all areas of our life. 

THE WHO: Ann Ernish-Backen and I are collaborating because we are both so passionate about the power that nourishment holds and want to share it with our family, friends and community!

Monday Prix Fixe Plant Forward Dinner - September 12, 19, 26 // 2016
Tuesday Prix Fixe Plant Forward Lunch - September 13, 20, 27 // 2016

Tuesday Take Away Breakfast & Lunch -
                  Pre-Order and Pop In to Buy - September 13, 20, 27 // 2016

Tickets: Click here for details and to purchase


Monday Dinner Club ... Tuesday lunch!  Who's in?  We're gathering uncommonly good ingredients, flavors and people!  We hope you'll be there! And we hope you'll agree that it's high time veggies get their due as the star of the plate!  That's not to say that's all there'll be, but we know you'll appreciate this creative, flavorful take on our local plants and wild edibles as they come to the table.  We'll have selections for the gamut of how everyone eats ... vegans to paleo to omnivores and everywhere in between. We know you'll leave the table soulful and satiated!

Here's how it works: We'll put our inspired spin on the freshest available, mostly local, ingredients highlighting what's in season and what's inspiring us at the moment during the last 3 weeks of September.

Ann and Howard Backen, owners of Archetype in St. Helena, have graciously welcomed a PLANT FORWARD Pop-Up on the days the restaurant is normally closed, Monday and Tuesday.  So we'll offer a Monday, 4-course,  Prix fixe dinner (9/12, 19 & 26) with an optional wine pairing, Reserve wine pairing and also have inventive libations available -- all to get your week off to a great start, as well as a Tuesday, 3-course, Prix fixe lunch (9/13,20,27) to keep the week going strong! 

We hope you'll agree that flavorful, nourishing dishes, lively conversation and a spirit of community and conviviality all add up to a unique and wonderful dining experience!

Take-Away too! On Tuesday (9/13, 20 & 27), there will be take-away breakfast and lunch options as well, including fresh-pressed juice!  Grab a quick coffee and juice in the morning together with a nourishing bite on the go. Then join us later for lunch or grab-and-go as you make your way through the day.  Our take-away menu is incorporated into our reservation platform. You'll click your way through the choice of Take Away, then you'll let us know the number of guests you're ordering for and then you'll make the choices. And next, pick up time. Pretty easy really.  You move on to payment and then you're all set and we'll be expecting you! While we encourage you to order so that you'll be sure we have everything you want, we know it's not always easy to think ahead so we wholly encourage a Tuesday drop-by when you have a last-minute craving for something delicious and nutritious in a hurry!  Want to reserve a take-away lunch ahead of time?  Absolutely! please click here to reserve.

Reservations for Monday dinners and Tuesday lunches can be made here: Dinner and Lunch Reservations We've done our best to keep it streamlined and simple and have included a few options as you reserve online. We have included a service charge up front as a part of the sign-up process to be able to express lots of gratitude to both front and back-of-house staff. It takes a village! You'll pay for your 'ticket' and then the initial payment is out of the way. All you need to do next is join us and enjoy! (Additional wine and beverages, including the curated selections, are available for both lunch and dinner. )

We hope you'll have some fun with us!  Good friends, great food, stellar wine and lively conversation! Monday dinner suddenly an event not to be missed and Tuesday lunch taken care of!  A nice way to get a jump on the week !

Cheers from us both!

Annette Shafer & Ann Ernish-Backen

Annette Shafer
Annette Shafer


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