A Vibrant, Energized Way of Life!

In case you hadn’t noticed – but I’m sure by now you probably have — Crisp Kitchen + Juice isn’t just about bowls of delicious and healthy yumminess, it’s also about a way of life. We pride ourselves in encouraging everyone to achieve a healthier version of YOU with what works best since we are all unique individuals with differing needs. It’s never a one-size-fits all approach and it takes a bit more than simply physically working out and aiming to eat well to create a body that's truly fit. At this start of this new year, while you're working on your evolution, we're here with tips, recent data and inspiration to help.

To kick off 2016, we’re excited to be introducing the nutritional philosophy that we support at every level of our business. We’ll follow the seasons with our unique interpretation of Ayervedic principles. And, in addition, we’ll outline 12 areas of nutritional focus that take into account physiological needs as well as addressing behavior and habit. We aim to help you optimize performance whether it be in the boardroom, at an athletic event or even simply as you move through your daily routine. Too many nutritional programs focus just on the narrow aims of weight loss and/or athletic performance, whereas these 12 areas of focus will serve to enhance your greatest performance: performance in life!

 In terms of nutrition, we’ll approach it at it’s most basic, from a cellular level. Eating to fuel your cells optimally which can prevent premature aging and disease, as well as ensure that your body performs at its best. Surprisingly, science shows that the majority of Americans are deficient in the micronutrients necessary to keep their bodies healthy and functioning at peak levels. We hope to help change that, one body at a time!  We ultimately seek a body that functions at those levels levels which is a body that is going to get results — no matter what the goal. We’ll introduce you to one idea each month that you can build on throughout the year. By making key dietary choices, you’ll be supporting the health of your cells, your mental capacity and spiritual self. The result: A more vibrant metabolic system that hums and paves the way for an active, more fulfilling existence all around! There’s more to come. So please stay tuned!

Annette Shafer
Annette Shafer