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Crisp Lifestyle offers a nod to those who inspire and the moments that are special – and the always remarkable subsequent creations that allow us a daily reminder. Sometimes it is about naive simplicity and sometimes it catches us in the moment. Sometimes it’s the sheer bounty and other times a clean line.

Christina Weber and her Studiopatró clearly belong happily among our musings. Christina started Studiopatró five years ago with the two words in mind that motivate her in both work and home life – ‘useful’ and ‘beautiful’. After a successful career as an art teacher and then as a graphic designer, including a stint designing catalogs for Williams-Sonoma working alongside talented stylists and chefs, it was time to step out on her own and spread her entrepreneurial wings in a way that continued to support her motivation.

A favorite quote of hers comes from craftsman William Morris as he said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” And in 2011, that which was before merely a simple kitchen towel can now become a special token, and still remain its humble and hard-working self.

Their linen is wonderfully luxurious and at the same time naturally sustainable and sturdy. In the Crisp Kitchen, we love the aprons as the design cleverly incorporates comfortable cross-back straps fit to your body and eliminate any strain on your neck. On the front, there's a loop of fabric to hold a tea towel, and a pocket to keep tools handy. They launder beautifully and clearly remain strong while actually getting softer with lots of use.

We love that they are committed to working locally and to creating meaningful working relationships that honor the collaboration, talent and expertise of their screeners and sewing partners. Every detail of production is important to them, right down to the ribbon we tie on each package that goes out to their customers. And I thought the red apron pictured would make the perfect gift this Valentine's Day with perhaps a small box of Kollar Chocolates tucked into the front pocket ;-)

Hats off to Christina and her team at Studiopatró! We wish you much continued success!

Annette Shafer
Annette Shafer


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